More Than a Beautiful Bookmark: The Lady of the Moon

A lady who can’t leave the moon,

Forever celestial is her swoon.

Behold her beauty in the night,

Behold her palace made of light…

The Moon Festival, this year occurring on Sept. 24, celebrates the brightest moon of the season. Chinese families around the world eat mooncakes and gaze at the brilliant lunar surface.

The festival is intertwined with the legend of the Lady of the Moon, also known as Chang’e, who was forever separated from her heroic husband, Hou Yi. Their adventurous legend has become common lore in China. Chang’e accidentally drank an entire elixir of immortality that was meant for both her and her husband, forcing her to leave him behind on Earth while she ascended to the blissful realm of the Moon. Their tale of longing for a higher realm of existence and the inescapable nature of fate has endured generation after generation.

Our Lady of the Moon bookmark features Chang’e outside her heavenly moon palace in a beautiful classical Chinese dance pose. Plated in 24k gold, this bookmark is the perfect gift for your friends or family for this Moon Festival or just to remember the Lady and her exquisite palace outside your evening window.